Erlendur magazine was created by a mother and daughter-duo in Iceland. They wanted to promote cultural diversity and Cultural inclusion in Iceland. Erlendur has become a global digital magazine, sharing stories of expats and immigrants from all over the world with the aim of making the world a more inclusive society where we see all humans as equals. Features include interviews, personal stories, businesses, fashion, art, health and wellness, travel, photography, and music.

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Carlotta Tate-Olason

Founder & Editor 

Carlotta is an Icelandic citizen  originally from Jamaica 

Her background is in Health Psychology. She is passionate about helping others increase their quality of life.  She is a Health Therapist

specializing in  Anti-Age & Longevity.

Bianca Hallveig Co-Founder Erlendur Magazine
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Bianca Hallveig Sigurdardottir

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Bianca is Icelandic; she has a passion for fashion. She studied fashion, art, and Design in London.  Bianca is keen to see the young generation Z of foreigners given the opportunity to reach their full potential. She is keen on developing her career in Fashion, design, and Media. Currently working as a freelance stylist. Bianca is also the host of the Icebloomers podcast 

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Cat Gundry-Beck

Director of Photography

Cat is a photographer and videographer living in Reykjavík. Working on commercial shoots, her passion is helping businesses with imagery for their websites and social media. She is originally from Ireland but did her photography degree in the U.K. and lived in Norway before making Iceland  her home in 2018.